20 legitimate ways to make money online

How to Earn $100 Today!

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If you have an internet connection at your house and you are determined then that’s all you need to earn money Today, we will share some easy ways to earn some extra bucks.

Think about your normal day. We all spend hours on the internet, going through Facebook, reading random tweets, taking the lame quiz at all the buzz websites.

How about we cut down some of this random internet browsing time and do something more productive?

It doesn’t matter if you are a housemaker, student, or working some part-time job, earning online is the type of extra money that everyone needs.Today, we will share with you 20 (yes you read it right) ways through which you can earn money online.

1. Be a participant of the Market Research:

How do you think big fat companies collect information about their potential customer’s needs, interests, and a tendency of spending on things? All the big fat companies conduct market research to collect relevant information for the product or service they are selling.

This research is mostly done online in the form of surveys where they pay the participants for filling out the questionnaires.Taking online paid survey is the most natural form of earning money from home.

Think about it, you in the comfort of your house, in your PJs and already using the internet. All you need to do now is take a small survey, and you will get money in our account.

If you are wondering where to start with, we will recommend checking out Survey Junkie.How does Survey Junkie work?Start taking Surveys: Begin with building your profile which will take less than 5 minutes and you will be immediately matched with the surveys.

Get Survey Junkie Here.

Earn the rewards: Once you are done with the survey, you will earn virtual points.Some other amazing survey websites that you might want to check:

Start taking Surveys: Begin with building your profile which will take less than 5 minutes and you will be immediately matched with the surveys.
Earn the rewards: Once you are done with the survey, you will earn virtual points.Some other amazing survey websites that you might want to check:

2. Use Cash Back Signup Bonus:

Who doesn’t want to get money for whatever minutes they spend online? Well, we know we do and so do you.There exist websites like DOSH and Ebates who appreciate people for joining their websites with a little bit of signup bonus.

You might be thinking it’s too good to be true. There must be some catch. Well, let us assure you that there is no catch or strings attached to it.

This is how cashback works: the cash backs are the affiliate programs. Whenever you use them to buy some product or service, they get a certain percentage of commission.What they do to is, they back a part of the commission to their customers to keep them coming back.

It is similar to buying something at sale price even when their so no sale going on. It is a win-win situation.Ebates: Once you make $25 purchases within first 90 days, you get a signup bonus of $10.DOSH: Once you connect your credit/debit card to it, you get $5 bonus.

On your lucky days, you might get a $10 bonus.If you are finding it hard to decide which one to go with, we would suggest you choose both of them since they are free.

3. Open saving accounts:

A common mistake that most of us make is to keep our savings in a bank account that’s paying only 0.5% interest. If you made this mistake in the past, then it is time to rectify your mistake and open a saving account with higher interest.

Why should you do this?

The reason you should open online saving accounts is that they come with some good interest rates which means you get to grow your money faster.

There are plenty of options available online, but we are a massive fan on Discover Bank and CIT Bank since they have a higher interest rate than others.

4. Watch videos and make money:

Do you love watching videos on your mobile? What if we told you that now you can make money by watching some videos? Doesn’t it sound amazing? If you listen to our advice and are already using SwagBucks then here is the news for you, it isn’t only used for surveys.

SwagBucks allows you to make money by watching some short videos from the category you can to choose from.

Here is how it works:

You get a signup bonus of $5.

Select whatever video you want to watch on your phone or computer.
Hundreds of amazing videos to watch from different categories from leading content websites.

Get Swag Bucks Here.

5. Make money from Nielsen App:

Did you ever hear about the app Nielsen? It is a company that tracks ratings on TV. Well, they don’t only collect data on TV, but they are also really into the research on internet usage.

So the question is how do you make money from Nielsen App? Well its simple, you get $50 a year for keeping this app on your internet browsing device. Now you don’t have to worry about your data since the statistics are collected anonymously.

This app doesn’t take any space and never slow your phone down.
How does Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel work?
It never impacts the performance of the device.

Use the internet like you used to do after you have installed the app.
You get $50 a year for keeping this app.

Get nielsenapp Here.

6. Surf the web and earn money:

Another very famous research company is InboxDollars that pay their uses to use their search engine. If you were previously using Google or Bing, it is time to ditch them and move on to InboxDollars.

Using their search engine will help them to learn more about the search habits of people.
It is important for you to know that this isn’t some get rich right away scheme. It is best for people who want to make some money online.

How it works:
New users get a signup bonus of $5.
For every 4 searches that are qualified, you get $0.15.
For every 4 complete searches a week, you get $0.05.

Get inbox dollars Here.

7. Test websites for companies

Before launching any website, the companies love to take the opinion of users. They want to know if it is easy to understand use. For this purpose, they pay people to test their website.

Doing so, they know if there is any room for improvement or not.
This is how they pay:UserTesting: for every 10-15 minute completed test, you get $10. No need to have a webcam.

WhatUsersDo: For 15-20 minute completed tests, you will get $8+. For this, you’ll need a microphone.
UserTest: For every study, you get $10.50.
Become a freelancer:
This takes a bit more hassle than the abovementioned ways of earning online. However, the outcome is also way better.

8. Become a freelance writer:

If you have a passion for learning then what you need to polish your skills and become a freelance writer.

This online profession has so much scope that people have replaced their 9 to 5 job with freelance writing work.

Here is the thing; you do not have to be brilliant in English to become a freelance writer. Holly Johnson from the Club Thrifty being doing freelance writing as her side work with no actual experience or background. Today, her earning are over $200,000/year.

No so long ago she decided to put a free workshop for newbie where she helps people to learn more about this skill and how to make money online from it.
Make a career from writing:
Start with learning all the techniques that Holly used to get this 5 figure income.

Tips on how to increase your income with time.

9. Become a freelance proofreader:

Are you good at grammar and pointing out mistakes? If yes then you have great potential to become a proofreader. Caitlin Pyle, the member of Proofread, Anywhere made over $43,000 in her initial year as a proofreader. Isn’t it impressive?

After she realized that the demand for a good proofreader was that high, she decided to get more people in this field by starting a proofreading business.

She conducts free workshops to teach people ore about it.
What you will learn at her workshop?
Dos and dont’s of a successful proofreader.

How to improve your skills and become a good proofreader.
What tools you can use and how to find good clients.

10. Become Virtual Assistant (VA)

We know that becoming a writer or proofreading isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some people are good at the administration of the data that is something virtual assistant do.

Most of the business use VA for booking their travels, management of social media, answering the emails, management of email and so on.
The VA gets to decide what type of services he want to provide and how much he will charge for it.

Some fact about the VAs:
On average, a virtual assistant earns almost $35-$50/hour.
The demand for the VAs has increased over 95% in past three years.
A virtual assistant has over 150 different type of services to choose from.

11. Become an online English teacher:

If you have a good grip of English language, then you need to put it to good use. There is a program with the name of VIPKID which is an international learning experience that helps the children between the ages of 4-12 in China to learn English. The curriculum of the VIPKID is based on the U.S.

The online classes by VIPKID are almost 90 minutes per day, and for this much time, you can easily earn over $500/per month. To get this job, you need a Bachelor’s degree and some English classroom experience.

Some extra information on the VIPKID:
A VIPKID teacher makes $14-22/hr.
Classes are held online using the webcam.
Every teacher should have a bachelor’s degree.

Get VipKid Here.

12. Become a web designer:

Today one of the most demanded individuals is the one that has knowledge of website designing or is a professional web designer. If you are a qualified web designer, you can easily make $1000 or even more a month.

The theme that you are currently looking at on your website, was done by a graphics designer who charged over $5000.Start Online Business:
If you are serious about making money online, then you should start an online business.

Now starting a business can be an intimidating thing to do. However, it is important that online business does not mean that you can get rich overnight. You have to show commitment and hard work.

13. Become a blogger:

One of the most hyped things and for all the right reasons is becoming a blogger. For people who want to share their skills or talent with the world, blogging is the way to go.

DollarSprout is a blog started by two college friends that were into making money. Fast forward to this day, and they own a huge team of entrepreneurial nerds who work for them.

How to make money as a blogger:

Starting selling advertisement on your blog.
Get affiliate products and start earning commissions.
Start selling different products or services.

It is easy to start a blog, but it is a little bit difficult to make it successful. Here is a small guide on how to make your blog successful.
Pick a niche: find the niche that interest you the most and then stick to it.
Set up the blog: for new blogger we high recommend Hostgator.

Begin with writing content that readers can relate to.
Start building an audience.
Start monetizing, sell ads and go for affiliate marketing.

Get Hostgator Here.

14. Start some Drop Shipping Website:

The new big thing today is the drop shipping business and for some very good reasons. It is one of the best ways of making the right amount of money online. The best thing is that this startup costs up very little.

What is drop shipping?

According to Shopify, In case you are not into blogging but want to start some online business then you might want to look into this.

Get drop Here.

15. How to Course:

Did you ever see a How-to course and thought well I could make something like this? Well, now is the time when you actually put that thought intowork? If you some skill that you can teach others then start making How-to courses and sell them online.

This is a trendy online business model that has gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. All you need to do is make a detailed how-to course, and you can get paid for it over and over again.

Earn some Passive Income Online:

This is for people who want to make cash money and that also upfront.

16. Rent Out Your Car:

Do you travel a lot and have your car parked in the garage most of the year? If yes, then start renting your car while you are out of town to make money from it.

Getaround stated that a huge percentage of the cars in the U.S. does nothing but sit idle. If you are the owner of a car that occupies most of the day, then you can easily rend it out. You can rent your car for even $50 a day and make a huge money like that.

To get your car work with the Getaround, all you need to do is register your account for free, mention your car, set location, brief description and total availability of the car.

You are charged one-time fee of $99 once you are done with the 30day free trial month.

Get turo Here.

17. Peer-to-Peer Lending

Putting your savings that is sitting idle to the peer-to-peer lending is another easy way of making money online.What actually peer-to-peer lending is?

Peer-to-peer lending is basically a financial system where the borrowers are matched with investors who are interested to fund the loans. It is similar to traditional lending, but it involves no bank. The investors act like a bank.

How much money peer-to-peer lending can bring? Depending on the type of loan you choose to invest in, you can easily yield 2% to 5% every year from the amount that you lend.

If you don’t know where to start peer-to-peer lending, Lending Club is our top pick.
Open your account and make the first deposit of minimum $0.01. Start building your portfolio. Invent in the different range of the loans.
Start receiving monthly payments as the borrowers start to repay.

18. Go for Crowdfunded Real Estate:

Real estate investing can be one of the most successful ways to accumulate the wealth if you have huge investment to start with. This is something that makes it hard for people to invest in real estate.

Luckily, today there is more than one way to invest in the real estate.
REITs: Real Estate Investment Trusts:
REIT is basically a pool of the money that is managed by experts in finance. This pool goes to investing in the real estate.

People who want to invest in real estate but do not have the exact figures, go to the REIT where the financial investors buy properties for them. Once they make a profit from it, the returns are then distributed back to the investors.

The most amazing part of investing in REIT is that you don’t have to do any of the landlord duties.There are a lot of REITs that still ask for a lot of investment. However, we found Fundrise, where you can begin at $500.

How Fundrise works?
Start with investing in the real estate portfolio that is suggested, acquired and managed by the team of professionals.
Enjoy 8% – 11% annual returns.

19. Become Airbnb Host and make money

Renting is one of the easiest ways to make money. It literally involves extremely limited efforts or hassle. If you are new to the renting business, then Airbnb is your way to go. If you own a house or apartment, you can start sharing it with someone.

That how it works:
Start with creating free listings. Briefly describe your space, add photos, how many people you can easily accommodate and other necessary details.
Pick the price: You get to decide how much you are going to charge.
Get money
: You can choose if you want payment via PayPal, wire, direct deposit or in cash.

20. Invest in the Dividend Paying Stocks

You must have heard a lot of times that millionaires usually have 7 streams of the income. Well, the dividend stocks are likely to be one of them.
What dividend are stocks?

Traditional whenever you buy any stock, you intent do to buy it at low price and then sell it at a high price. The dividend stocks work almost the same way. However they do have an added benefit: you get paid a small portion of the earning of the company for owning the stock.

This means that you get money when the value of the stock goes high and also when the dividends are paid out.
Acorns is the best place to start with if you are intending to invest in the dividend. It is an extremely friendly app and is also perfect for the beginners. It makes investing easy with a click of your phone.

With Acorns, you get $5 signup bonus once you are done with creating your account.
With the new age and advancement in today’s world, there are endless opportunities to invest in.

All you need to do is little its research, and you will easily find a way or in our case

Get acorns Here.