My Secrets To Start a profitable WordPress Blog On Bluehost

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Starting a Blog on your own is easier than you think! We are here to give you much useful information and show you how to create your own blog step-by-step.

Blogging is a fun way to make money, and share your thoughts and ideas with people around the world.

Many successful bloggers are making thousands of dollars monthly, working from their home or while traveling! Now that sounds like a fun career to have right?

You can easily become one of those successful people. All you need is to create a blog and start writing!

It only takes a few minutes to set up your own blog and it will only cost you a few dollars a month, but here’s a great news…We have a WordPress discount for you to get started. YAY!

Before we get started here’s a question you might be asking yourself!

Maybe I can get a free web hosting for my Blog? Here’s our answer to that question:

If you are serious and want to make a career out of blogging and make real money, then going through a free web hosting like Blogger or Blogspot will definitely not get you to your goals! Because anyone who would be viewing and reading your blog will not see you as a professional, there for you won’t be getting any advertising or freelancing jobs.

So if you want to be a professional blogger and to be taken seriously by readers and big companies, then you need to forget about the free web hosting.

Remember that anything that you do cheap, will cost you later in life!

Think about the long run, and how much success and potential you could have done this the right way from the beginning!

Now get ready to learn all about starting your own WordPress blog on Bluehost

1- Learn How to Get a Domain Name (FREE domain the first year):

First and for most, you need to think of a good and professional domain name.

Our advice is to pick a name that is not too long and it’s easy to pronounce and remember by your reader. So in the future, if they want to refer back to your blog they can easily remember the name.

Here you can also get your domain straight from Bluehost, this will make the process so much easier for you, and the good news is that Bluehost offers FREE domain the first year if you purchase 12 months of their web hosting.

If you really do the calculation and think about it, you are saving money by purchasing the 12 months web hosting through them.

These are just our suggestions and experiences. You can always do more researches and learn more about another web hosting.

From our experience, this is the best and easiest way… As an old saying “You are basically killing two birds with one stone”… Your goal should be always to work smarter not harder.

If you want to purchase a domain and create your blog through Bluehost click here.

2- Hosting for your blog:

Now let’s talk about setting up your WordPress blog on Bluehost.

Costs depend on your budget and what your goals are, but just for the start if you are looking for something reasonable and cheap then we suggest the “Basic” plan for you. It’s only $3.95 a month through this link  If you are looking at the other plans like Plus and Business and are wondering if you might need those instead of the Basic plan?! don’t worry you can always go back and change your plans later on… But trust us, the basic plan is all you need for the beginning.

All you need is to choose a plan, you really don’t need the other items that Bluehost will try to sell you on! You can uncheck other boxes if they are checked.

Now, If you are ready, you can follow the steps below to purchase your hosting with Bluehost:

  • 1st Step: Click here, then click the “Get Started Now” green button.
  • 2nd Step: Choose your plan.
  • 3rd Step: Get a “New Domain” or if you already have a domain name, then enter it in the box provided.
  • 4th Step: Enter your information (Personal and Payment)
  • 5th Step: Choose a secure password for your account.

3- Connect domain and hosting:

IMPORTANT: If you have already bought your domain with Bluehost you can SKIP this step. Step 3 is ONLY for those who purchased their domain with Go Daddy.

If your domain is through Go Daddy, you need to connect the domain to your hosting account. This is the page that shows Go Daddy fully supports Nameservers for domain names.

Here’s how to change your DNS Nameservers with Go Daddy when you are using Bluehost for Hosting:

  • This YouTube Video shows Step by Step Tutorial How To Point Godaddy Domain Name To Bluehost Hosting.
  • 1st Step: Log into your and go to the Account Manager.
  • 2nd Step: Select the Manage Domains. (It is in the Domain Names Menu or in the Manage Your Account section.)
  • 3rd Step: Choose the domain name you want to change by the checkbox and click on Set Name Servers.
  • 4th Step: Now you need to enter the updated name server information on the empty place located below the blue Name Servers heading directed on the right side of the page, then click Save Change. This is what the entries need to look like:

 Now you need to add the domain you have already bought through Go Daddy as an add-on domain to Bluehost. This can easily be done, while you are logged in with your Bluehost account. Click on “Domains” then click on “Assign”.

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4- How to Install WordPress on Bluehost (Don’t worry it’s easier than you think):

You guys, the finish line is almost here! This is the moment that you have been all waiting for, to finally start your blog…

This is probably the most simple step because Bluehost is so great by making it very easy for anyone to create a WordPress, PLUS it’s FREE!!

  • Once you create a password, Bluehost will guide you with all the steps you need to take to start your wonderful blog.
  • Bluehost then will give you the options on picking a theme for your blog. They have many free ones that you can choose from. Don’t worry if you are not sure which theme to go with and if you can’t make a decision on which one you like better! Remember that you can ALWAYS change your theme later on.
  • Now click “Start Building”
  • The next page will give you an option of choosing a “Business” blog or a “Personal” blog… This is really up to you if you are not sure you can just choose “I don’t need help”. Then, later on, you can change it if you need to.
  • Note to remember: Never panic if you can’t decide or are not sure about a decision that you are making, you always have an option of going back and changing it later! So keep things simple for yourself and have fun with this whole process. Everything you do in life can be fun and easy if you only choose to look at it with a different perspective.

Remember the finish line that we talked about earlier?! Will, IT’S HERE!!!

Congratulations you now have your WordPress blog ready to use and

Rock and Roll.

Now all you have to do is start writing and working on your first post. You can get design ideas from Pinterest! They have many great designers and ideas you can learn from. Always educate yourself and learn new tools, this is a must for anyone who wants to be successful in any industry.

P.S. I found this video to learn How to Step by Step Use WordPress:

Good luck on your new journey!

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