Legitimate Ways to Make Extra Money Every Month

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There are so many different ways to make some extra money on a monthly bases! We have listed many different ways for you to make that extra money by doing simple gigs or even launching your own small startup and freelance jobs on the side!

You can signup for multiple surveys, You can signup with as many as you like and get paid for it.

So keep reading…

Making that extra money everything can really change your life and all your expenses… Imagine what you could do with that extra cash?! You will have the freedom to do so much like paying bills, or doing some nice shopping for yourself!!

No, you might say well I already have a job and I don’t have time… But here’s the good news!! You can do this on the side… It doesn’t matter if you are working full time or part time, we made these list for anyone, anywhere!

Having that extra money will reduce your stress and will make you happier. You will have the opportunity to finally go on that vacation that you have been wanting to go!

The list can go on of the things that you would be able to do with that extra money.

Our motives of writing this article are to help anyone out there, who are looking to make some extra money on the side, and to be able to bring happiness, peace, and serenity into your lives… We hope that reading this post will give you that sense of ease and comfort!

If you are busy and don’t have a lot of times in your hands, no worries you can make still make that money within few minutes and few clicks… Or if you have the time in your hands and you are will to take the actions to make more money than we have some great ideas for you as well!

Since we have so many useful information on here, we suggest that you either write down this information or refer back to the post and save this article in your Web browser!

Now, grab a cup of coffee or tea and let’s get started!

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Fastest Ways to Make Extra Money

As we already mentioned there are ways to make extra money for everyone, but we have picked few of our favorites in the list below. This first section is for those of you who are looking to make money faster without much effort.

Learn How to Make Money with Online Surveys:

There are so many survey companies out there who are willing to pay for your time, by taking their surveys and answering their questions!

The purpose of online surveys are, for those companies to get data and insight on what consumers need, wants, goals and problems are.

Tip: You can signup for multiple survey sites all at the same time to make more many each month. So really you can take advantage of all of those surveys companies! You can signup with as many companies as you like and get paid for it.

Here are some great surveys companies you can make money from…

Survey Junkie: Get paid by Share your opinion with brands to deliver better services and products.

All these survey companies that we will be mentioning will work pretty much the same. There might be some difference here and there but their rules are similar.

Survey Junkie is a well known and easy to use Survey Company.

In order to get started with them, go to Survey Junkie website, signup with them, then you will get asked a few simple questions about your personal profile to be qualified for taking those surveys. When you complete your profile, then you will be able to take your first survey.

Once you finish your first survey, they will reward you with points, you then will be able to turn those points “by redeeming” into money.

The money you earn could be directed linked to your PayPal account!

Get Survey Junkie Here.

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Ipsos i-Say: Earn Cash, Gift cards and Much More!

They are one of the best and legitimate Survey sites from 1975 in the market, Ipsos has an interesting strategy to deposit money in your pocket:

  • Product testing.
  • Daily surveys

Ipsos has a free drawing system and you can make extra cash and free travel, Interesting!

Get Ipsos i-Say Here.

Swagbucks: Earn Cash Backs While Shopping Online

Another great survey company is Swagbucks. They are pretty much the same as the Survey Junkie site. Swagbucks is the most trusted and well-known survey company!

We love them because you will earn $10 right when you create a new account with them.  YAY! Sounds wonderful right?!

Get Swagbucks Here.

Acorns: Invest your spare change and grow wealth.

What is Acorns you might ask?! Every time you swipe your card Acorns will set aside close to a dollar for investing in your future.

Those small nickels and dimes will slowly but surely add up into your account!

This a smartest way to save money and invest in your future!

Acorns will also offer you  $5 the first time you signup with them. If you still have questions and maybe some concern you can always read more about them on their Website.

But for those of you who are ready to get your future started:

Get Acorns Here.

Vindale Research: Get paid by taking surveys online.

This survey company is probably the most professional in their field and what they do because they will ask you certain questions in order for you to take the right surveys that fits your needs and wants a consumer! So basically they user test the right user who is made for that product or service!

The good news is Vindale Survey pays great. They will pay up to $50 for some of their important surveys, plus they’ll pay you a few dollars when you create an account with them for the first time.

Like all the other survey companies you will be able to get paid through PayPal.

Get Vindale Research Here.

Inbox Dollars: Get Paid for Your Online Surveys: $5 Sign-Up Bonus.

Inbox Dollars in well known for their fast paying site and their simplicity.

This is another one of our favorites because right when you signup with them, after answering a few simple questions and watching a video of how to work with them they will give you $5 instantly! Sounds great right?!

Get Inbox Dollars Here.

Survey Club: Earn Money From Home By Filling Surveys.

You can do so much with Survey Club! Not only they have surveys for you to take, but you can join their focus groups or testing their products, and much more… Obviously, you will get paid for your time and effort. Survey Club is wonderful because they pay a lot and they pay fast! You will get paid immediately right after you complete any tasks!

The money can be transferred in your PayPal account the same day.

Get Survey Club Here.

VIP Voice: Fill Surveys and Get Paid.

VIP Voice will not only pay you for the surveys that you take but if you earn a certain amount of points, you will get FREE vacations, electronic devices, gift cards and much more…. They have many great offers and reward.

Let’s Spice it up:

Now that we talked about quick ways to make money, below we have listed a few companies that might take more effort but will PAY MORE. So let’s spice things up and get to the higher level.

Get VIP Voice Here.

MyPoints: Get Paid by Watching Movies and Play Games.

With MyPoints you have a sea of opportunities to make money! Not only you can take surveys, but you can play video games, or watch videos or shop online through their site to earn points.

Once you start earning points, you can then turn them into money that could go directly into your PayPal account.

Here’s a better NEWS; the first time you signup with them you will get a FREE $5 gift card.

Get MyPoints Here.

Global Test Market: Earn Money for taking surveys.

Super easy and fast to make money.

All you have to do is create an account, then you are able to take surveys right away. They pay $5 and more for each survey that you complete!

Once you signup with them you are automatically added in their system for a chance to win $2,000.

You never know….Trust your luck!!!

Get Global Test Market Here.

Harris Poll Online: Earn Rewards From Favorite Brands.

Here’s the deal with Harris Poll Online… They will only offer you gift cards for any survey that you complete! Gift Cards to many stores and places such as Amazon, Starbucks, Amazon, eBay, iTunes!

But this shouldn’t be a deal breaker for you, because you can still do your household shopping from Amazon, but your coffee from Starbucks! You are saving your own cash, so basically you are still making money $$$!

They also have many offers to win a bigger prize. Check them out they are fun to work with!

Get Harris Poll Online Here.

Trim: Sign up and automate savings back on your statement!

Trim is like your personal and FREE Book Keeper!

They will negotiate your bills for you… Based on your daily spending, account balance and the money that comes in or goes out, Trim will calculate and analyze everything automatically for you once it’s connected to your bank account.

Trim is well known and trusted and it will be linked through the security level of your bank! Now what we meant earlier by the fact that they negotiate your bill? basically, they will find you a way greater deal on rates and prices.

Like we mentioned earlier Trim is completely FREE to use and link to your bank account.

Get Trim Here.

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Bitcoin: Earn $10 of free Bitcoin!

As some of you might know Cryptocurrency world becomes very popular!

They are many coins out there, but the mother of all coins is Bitcoin, and nowadays many companies and online store offer Bitcoin pay, meaning you can shop and pay with your Bitcoins! You can even order pizza, buy travel packages and buy clothing with Bitcoin.

Here’s how you can make money… Signup with Coinbase and buy only $100 Bitcoin, once you do that you will get a bonus for $10 and if you refer a friend/family you will earn another $10! That $20 right there.

Get Coinbase Here.

Lyft: $2200 Per Month Guaranteed With Lyft‎

We all know Lyft and have heard of it! Lyft is a great easy way to make extra money on the side. At the moment Lyft has an amazing offer… They will give $300 to their new drivers after their 100 first rides plus $2200 in their first month!

If you are available on the weekend and or evenings Lyft is a wonderful and FUN way to make extra cash. You can really make some good money over here!

Get Lyft Here.

Turo: This is Airbnb for cars.

With Turo, you can rent your car to people!

This is like an Airbnb but only for your car. You can list your car on Turo and rent it out for some extra cash. You have an option of choosing your own rates, and the awesome news is that you are cover by Turo for up to $1 million… Yup, they take all the liability there is!

They have an online calculator to figure out how much you could possibly be made by renting out your car.

Get Turo Here.

ShopTracker: Share Your Amazon Purchase History and Get $36.

Remember Harris Poll that we talked about earlier, well ShopTracker was also built by Harris Poll.

ShopTracker is as well known as Harris Poll and they have been around for quite some time!

As the name implies, ShopTracker will track your shopping for their researches and data gathering. You will even get $3 right when you download their app on your phone and create an account with them!

Get ShopTracker Here.

Decluttr: Sell your BOOKS, CDS, DVDs, GAMES & TECH.

Some of us hold on to old things for a year such as Clothes, Shoes, Accessories, Household items, etc… Well please don’t be a hoarder and get rid of your old things and make some MONEY NOW!

Sell your Unused Games and Make Money!

You can upload any items you have on your Decluttr account, then you will get an offer immediately and they will let you know how much they are going to pay for your things! Once you get an offer you can box those old items and ship it for them completely for free, as they will also pay you for shipping!

Get started and to get your house nice and cleaned up:

Get Decluttr Here.

Nielsen App: Make Money From Your Internet Usage.

Nielsen App will track how long people spend time using any digital screen!

Nielsen is a user experience company, that tracks users behaviors on website or apps. How it works: You need to download their app on your phone, you will earn points for every one hour that you spend time with their app.

Get Nielsen App Here.

ibotta: It’s Better Than Coupon, Get Real Cash when you shop.

Ibotta is another mobile app that offers cash on any groceries you buy!

Anytime you go grocery shopping hold on to your receipt, then take a picture of that receipt and upload it into your Ibotta account! For every receipt you upload you will get point, then you can turn those points into cash.

You can transfer that money to your PayPal account.

Get Ibotta Here.

Shopkick: Get Rewards For Both Online and in-Stores Shopping.

You don’t need to purchase anything from stores with Shopkick to earn cash.

All you have to do to make money with them is to download their app, enable your location then walk into any stores! Yup, that’s it… They want to know how may walk-ins one store could have in a day. Also, you will get more points and get paid more if you scan any barcodes of products from stores into their app!

Get Shopkick Here.


Those are a great and fast way for some extra cash every month. Our purpose is to help you succeed in the future, and these tools are the way to get you started.

We truly hope that this article was helpful to you.

Good luck on your journey!