25 Ways To Score Free Amazon Gift Cards for Christmas Gifts

How to Get gift cards for free!

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What better way to buy the things that you want with a FREE gift card from Amazon!

As we all know, Amazon sells everything on their site, from household items to even food and groceries! So get a free amazing gift card it’s no different than getting paid cash. Because you can buy anything you want with it on Amazon.

There are so many simple and easy ways you can get that free amazon gift card.

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For example, you can take an online survey and get a free gift card in return.. This was just one example they are some many other ways that we will get into! So keep reading….

With the holidays coming up you can save so much money with the free Amazon gift card! This is also an easy and fun way to pay for some of your expenses each month, and by doing that you can save your money!

Here we have listed 25 smart and easy ways for you to get that Amazon gift card… So let’s get started!

Take a Survey with “Survey Junkie”

Survey Junkie is a very well known site with more than three million active users. They are super easy and intuitive to use. Anyone can start today and earn money with them fast!

It works pretty simple; Go to Survey Junkie, Create a New Account, then you will be lead to answer a few questions in order to complete your profile. Once you complete your profile, you can start taking surveys.

You need to take as many surveys as you can to redeem points. Those points are your key to your money! When you get to 1,000 point, that is equal to $10. Then you have the option to either get that money in your PayPal account or an Amazing e-Gift Card. Totally up to you.

With Survey Junkie you can take surveys anywhere, anytime from any device.

To start using Survey Junkie and earning your money Click Here.

Best Paying Survey “Pinecone Research”

This survey site is probably our favorite because they are the highest paying survey companies out there!! They will pay you $3 for any survey you complete, and here’s a better news…. They will also pay you $3 when you sign up with them for the first time and create an account.

They might be a little picker with people who take their surveys because they are also the highest paying survey companies!

Their specialty is in testing products before they make it available for the public to use. You can start earning points and turn those points either to cash or Amazon e-Gif Card. Every 100 points you reach is equivalent to $1.

To get started with Pinecone Research, Click Here.

Many Survey Options with “Global Test Market”

Another biggest paying survey sites is Global Test Market! They have five million or more active members in many countries. Plus it’s very simple to join.. All you have to do is create an account and answer a few quick questions for your personal profile. Every personal information you give them, they will use it to match you up with a survey that suits you!

They have many survey topics such as; Cars, Food, Jobs, Shopping, etc…

You get paid for any survey that you complete with them. Now here’s why we LOVE them…. Because for every 1,100 points you hit they will pay you $50! Yes, that’s a lot we know and that’s why Global Test Market is our favorite.

You can either get that money cash through PayPal or get an Amazon e-Gift Card.

To get started with Global Test Market Click Here.

Surveys and much more possibilities with “InboxDollars”

With InboxDollars not only you can take as many surveys as you want, but they also offer other tasks for you to do and you will get paid for it obviously!

Those tasks could be; Reading Emails, Playing their Online Games, Watching Movie Previews, and much more… They are the easiest and the fastest survey company to get you that FREE amazing gift card. With InboxDollars you don’t have to keep earning points, they will let you know right then and there how much they will give you in cash or Amazon gift card, once you complete any surveys you take or tasks you do. Here’s a better news for you, people who are signing up with them for the first time will get a $5 bonus in their account right away.

To get started in InboxDollars “Click Here”.

The Most Well-Known Survey Site “Harris Poll Online”

Harris Poll has been around for more than 50 years now! They are pretty well-known and super fun to work with. Not only you can take surveys with them but you also have an option to join their focus groups and make even more money. Their focus is on political topics.

Just like many other survey companies that we have mentioned so far, you can start earning points with them, then turning into money or Amazon gift card.

To get started with Harris Poll Online Click Here.

Different Payment Options with “Opinion Outpost”

Opinion Outpost will offer you many different ways to get the money that you earn with them.  Such as cash, gift cards, checks, and many more options.

They are super fast with paying you, once you request to get paid or get a gift card.

Upon your request, they will immediately transfer those funds to you!

To get started with Opinion Outpost Click Here.

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Earn Many Points with “Mypoint”

With MyPoint you can earn points by complete surveys or doing other tasks that they provide on their site such as; Watching their videos, Using Portals for User Experiences, Downloading and using their Coupons, and much more.

They started the company in 1996, so they have been around for many years! Once you earn points you can redeem those points into cash or Amazon card.

To get started with them Click Here.

Many Ways to Earn Money With “EarningStation”

EarningStation gives you many options to make money with them.

Those options are; Takins Surveys, Watching Movies and videos, Dowling and using Coupons, Play Videos Games and much more.

EarningStation only offers physical Amazon gift cards and or other gift cards. They do not offer cash!

This really is not a deal breaker, since we talked about it you can literally buy all your household needs from Amazon, and even other gift cards that they offer.

Redeem Points Quick with “InstaGC”

We like InstaGC because you don’t have to wait for all that points to add up! You can immediately redeem any points you got and turn it into your Amazon e-gift card.

Like some of the other survey sites we have mentioned above, InstaGC offers many ways to earn money, such as; Taking Surveys, User Experience Portals, Watching Videos, and many more.

InstaGC is available to use for everyone wworldwide and that’s what makes them unique.

To get started with them Click Here.

Have some fun with “National Consumer Panel”

So this is super different and fun, in our opinion!

National Consumer Panel is not a typical survey site. They want your help and opinion with shopping trends! We don’t know about you but that sounds super fun for us!!

Here’s how you’ll work with them;

  • Download their app on your phone.
  • Open an account with them.
  • Then start using it by scanning barcodes from items that you buy from any store.

If you DON’T have a smart phone they will send you a scanner to use.

Any barcodes that you scan, you will get points. You can then redeem those points into cash or amazon Gift Card.

Take Surveys with “SpringBoard America”

SpringBoard America will give you points right away by just opening your first account with them.

Just like many others, they are also have a receive points and redeem points system. You can redeem those points into cash or gift card. Now, just to spice things up for you…. Below we have listed some Mobile Apps that will give you a FREE Amazon Gift Card!

“Ibotta” App

Ibotta will give you money through PayPal, Venmo or Gift Cards.

You can use Ibotta when you are shopping from any physical store! For example, your local grocery story, mall or anywhere else. Here’s how it works: When you do any shopping from any store, keep your receipts, then upload your receipt into Ibotta. That’s really it! Any receipts you upload on their will get you points, then you can redeem those points immediately.

To get Started with Ibotta Click Here.

“Shopkick” Mobile App

Shopkick works pretty much the same as Ibotta, but shopkick has a better advantage!!! They will not only pay you when you upload your receipt, but they will also pay for any barcode that you scan.

You can also earn more points by giving the information on the prices of items in any store!

You need to Download their Mobile App in order to start with them. They have their apps both for iOS and Android. Make sure you enable you location with the App, then start scanning barcodes at any stores you go to!

“BerryCart” App

Are you the type that buys healthy food, for example when you shop you make sure that it’s, Gluten Free, Non GMO or Organic?

If this is your shopping list then this is a perfect app for you!

With BerryCart, once you are done with your shopping,  you need to upload your receipt on their app in order to earn points and redeem points.

Your points can be turn into cash or Amazon e-Gift Card.

To get started Click Here.

“SwagBucks” App and Website

The great news with SwagBucks is that right when you start and you open an account with them they will pay you $5 right then and there!

You account is build on their Loyalty Rewards which will allow you to earn points and from their redeem those points into cash or gift card. If you refer a friend or anyone tho their site you will earn more points.

Hitting up to 400 points will get you $5 and if you hit 5,000 points you will make $50! Sounds pretty sweet right?!

If you want to get Started with SwagBuck Click Here.

Get your Gift Card Right Now with “Bing Reward”

Bing Reward is super awesome, because they will give you that amazon gift card just for signing up with them!!

As soon as you open an account with them you will earn your points, then you can start using those point and redeeming it into an amazon gift card.

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Try New Things with “Appanana”

If you have some free time in your hand and like to have some fun, then Appanana is great for you!

Here’s how it work: You need to download apps through AppNana, then try those apps. So basically its like a User Experience research for them.

Now if you are thinking to yourself, well I don’t want to download that many app on my phone, no worries… because you don’t have to keep those apps on your phone! Once you use it, they will gain the information that they need and you can simply delete that app.

Just like many other sites that we have already mentioned with Appanana you will start earring points then redeeming it.

If you want to get started with them Click Here.

Amazon Gift Card from “Amazon Trade-In”

You can get that gift card directly from the source! Say what?! Yes…

If you have any old household items that you no longer use Amazon Trade-In will make exchanges with you. They will get your old items and will offer you an amazon gift card.

Anything you have they will trade in, for example: Books, Tables, Chairs, Games, Smart Watch, Jewelries, the list can go on and on!

To get started with Amazon Trade-In Click Here.

Reload your Current Amazon Gift Card

This is probably the most simple way to get a free amazon gift card. If you already have an exciting amazon gift card and want to add $100 in it, Amazon will offer you $10 to do so!

To learn more about their offers and to get started and Click Here.

Use Amazon Coupons

Many people don’t know this, but amazon will give you coupons to buy any products!

With these coupons, you can save so much on any items. You can receive wonderful deals with those coupons!

Those coupons are usually on Health and Grocery section of their site. Please note that you need to be an Amazon Prime Member in order to be able to use those coupons.

To get started Click Here.

Most well known Survey site “Ipsos i-Say”

Ipsos i-Say is the most well known and oldest survey site. They started their online site back in 1975. Their survey specialty is in political discussions, but they also offer many other surveys that you can take. So if you are not interested in political discussions you have other options with them.

Just like many other survey companies, once you start you can start earning points then turning those points into cash or Amazon e-Gift Card.

Any survey you complete with them not only it gives you points but they will offer you bonus points and other rewards.

Take Surveys with “OneOpinion”

OneOpinion is well known for this wonderful customer service and their hard-working team members. They are super easy to work with and quick to redeeming your points into cash.

They will have you take surveys and test some products, and by doing so you will earn points then you can turn those points into cash or Amazon e-Gift Card. You need to hit at least 25,000 points to be able to redeem. Each 25,000 is equal $25. Don’t worry about those points, because you can start learning super quickly with them since they give you 1,000 to 5,000 for every survey you complete! So if you start today and take as many surveys as you can, you will have access to that money fast.

Take Surveys with “Prizerebel”

Another great and easy survey site is Prizerebel. They started their business back in 2007 and now they have more than seven million active members! That’s pretty impressive how growing their company is.

With them, you can start earning rewards as soon as you open your account for the first time and following their social media accounts.

It literally takes only ten seconds for you to open an account with them. Every 100 points you earn with them is equivalent to $1… Save up your points for some cash or your Amazon gift card.

To get started with Prizerebel Click Here.

Unique Survey Site “YouGov”

What makes YouGov unique is because of their purpose, and why they exist.

Basically, their mission is to help people and companies… They want to prove data and statics to businesses in order for them to better understand people behaviors, needs and wants… So that way companies would be able to figure out their user’s goals and problems and will address those concerns!

YouGov will pay you as you take surveys and answer their questions.


So these are just some ideas for you to get that amazon gift card or you can always turn those points into cash if you don’t want the gift card!

Since we are near the holidays we were thinking of a way to help you do your holiday shoppings! Hope we were helpful…

Cheers, and enjoy your amazon gift card journey.

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